Sunday, January 31, 2010

"When you get bit by a horse , say Ouch"

Actually, this incidence was my own stupidity. Pat Parelli was talking about how we can grab the horse tongue for a second and as I was trying to grab Comets tongue I slipped my finger too far back between his molars and crunch!!! I even had gloves on. I just came back in thinking some days it just doesn't pay to leave the house. On the weather, I recieved alot of snow, 9 to 12 inches here at the house and it is still all on the ground. I was trying to do something with them in this condition. If you belong to the Savvy Club and have watched the latest DVD you will understand what I was trying to do. Funny thing is, my horses usually never get hurt, but I do...


  1. Poor Beneva! I'm still trying to get up the guts to stick my finger in Beau's mouth. I'm sure he'd love it - he likes it when I rub his gums - but I'm not certain I wouldn't do what you did! :D

  2. YEah, I guess I wasn't thinking about making sure I always know where the molars are! LOL Interestingly, when your starting out with them they lick and move alot....It is the release that teaches so I was trying to just keep it up until he relaxed. Sometimes that is how we learn!