Sunday, January 31, 2010

"When you get bit by a horse , say Ouch"

Actually, this incidence was my own stupidity. Pat Parelli was talking about how we can grab the horse tongue for a second and as I was trying to grab Comets tongue I slipped my finger too far back between his molars and crunch!!! I even had gloves on. I just came back in thinking some days it just doesn't pay to leave the house. On the weather, I recieved alot of snow, 9 to 12 inches here at the house and it is still all on the ground. I was trying to do something with them in this condition. If you belong to the Savvy Club and have watched the latest DVD you will understand what I was trying to do. Funny thing is, my horses usually never get hurt, but I do...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Frolicking Comet!

I went to film Comet because he was digging and pawing out of complete and utter boredom and started playing with him and this was what I got!! Go to Facebook and my page is Beneva McFarland to see it.

Ice Storm 2010

Snow and Ice. Comet and Montana, etc. Well, it is currently 29 degrees and it is wet and yucky out, however the horses seem to be ok with it all. Here is a video I took a few minutes ago. Hope you like it. Funny thing is the barn is 50 ft away and they are choosing to stand out in it. Montana likes to torture Comet like this. He hates standing out in this kind of weather! I couldn't get in to work today, Hopefully I will make it in tomorrow. I can't wait til spring! I hope everyone else gets through this ok.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Didn't do really anything today with the horses as it is a skating rink of mud. Well, changed from a blanket to a waterproof sheet and back to a blanket this evening. Also the usual feeding ritual. I did hear that an earthquake was felt here from the Jones Oklahoma tremmer. Hopefully tomorrow will be better but I doubt it since it is supossed to rain tonight. I also found out that my daughter in law will be induced Monday so hopefully by Tuesday I will be a Grandma of a beautiful Girl!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It is 11:20 am and 29 degree's and Comet and Montana are napping in the Glorious Sun. In the round pen too. I wonder if they are telling me something?

Introduction to my horses

My name is Beneva and I will be blogging about my everyday life with my horses. I am 45 years old and divorced for a year now. I have to do everything on my 5 acre property as well as hold down a full time job as a Cake Decorator with a major Grocery store chain in Northeast Oklahoma. I have never been around horses and got my first, Comet, 5 years ago and Montana 3 years now . I have had to learn everything the HARD WAY!!! Because of the Dangerous Rearing problem with Comet I discovered the Natural Way with Parelli. I now practice Parelli Natural Horsemanship with my two horses Comet, an 1999 Gelding, Proud Cut, Off The Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) and Montana, a 1997 Quarter Horse Paint Mare. Both are purebreds and wonderful Horses. Each with their own, very different, horseanalitys. Comet is a Left Brained Extrovert and Montana , a left brained introvert. I would encourage anyone to go to to learn more about Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Right now it is 21 degrees in Claremore and Snow and Ice are still on the ground from the 2009 Blizzard on Christmas day. Yesterday it got to 50 so alot of it has melted but has refrozen since. Today is expected to get into to the low 40's but on Wednesday we are going to a balmy 55 degrees and off come the blankets which have weighted my horses down for 17 days now of below freezing weather. I am still learning and have alot of fear issues that I am comitted to working through during the year of 2010 and I wanted to blog my journey over the next year.