Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cavaletti's at Liberty

Today I set up Cavaletti's around the edge of my round pen with a barrel at the inside edge so it is a small jump and the squeeze game as well. With a few treats Comet was hopping over all 4 to return for a treat. Occasionally, I would have him go once in one direction and then asked him to go the other way. He did everything I asked of him. Yesterday I rode Montana in the round pen and her steering is getting so much better. She is able to go longer without arguing than what she used to so we are making progress. I have to be careful because of my knee. I had it drained yesterday and it was looking better last night but today it is swelled up again. My doctor removed 1 1/2 syringes of fluid on that was just one side of my right knee. He is going try to get the OK for a MRI and he said he would call when he hears something. We are supposed to have rain all week, fun , fun! Until next time....

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